Kristin & Mike

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Katharine & Brendan wedding at Ostertag Vistas

Brendan married his long time sweetheart, Katharine, at Ostertag Vistas.  It was a beautiful day and the wedding is just PERFECT.  Brendan and Katharine are so sweet and so in love with each other.  When we had our conference call to go over timeline before the wedding, Brendan just had one photo request: his photo when he saw Katharine walking down the aisle in her gorgeous wedding gown.  The photo showed exactly how happy and proud Brendan was and it is priceless.  Their vows are so sincere and true from their heart; we were moved to tears just like one of the bridesmaids as shown below.  Our best wishes to this beautiful couple!

This is our 3rd wedding at Ostertag Vistas, a rare gem in Frederick, MD.  We fell into love with this wedding venue in our first trip.  It offers everything a couple wants: very laid back wedding, rustic country style, beautiful ceremony sites, open space with awesome backdrop (trees, meadows, streams, and wilderness), tons of little light decoration inside the venue.  The famous and unique Willow tree is a must-have location for bridal portrait.  Staff at Ostertag are both friendly and professional.


The Amazing Zajac Family!

I’ve been fortunate to photograph Kat and Joe’s engagement and wedding.  They are such sweet and beautiful couple.  This time, I met their new family member– a super super cute boy, 6 month Alex!    Many thanks to Kat, Joe and Alex,  for letting me photograph these precious moments!  I had such a blast and I hope you like the photos.

Anna & Matt, Raspberry Plain Wedding

Anna and  Matt chose Raspberry Plain in the countryside near Leesburg, VA to get married.   The couple are so deeply in love and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!  They tied a REAL knot during the ceremony and later, the whole bridal party even tested how strong the tied knot is.  Anna and Matt, words can’t express how happy I am for the two of you and how thrilled I was to be your wedding photographer.  I had such a blast with you, your family and friends.  Here are some of my favorite shots – enjoy, and congratulations!

Rebecca & Todd, Oseh Shalom Synagogue wedding

Rebecca and Todd tied the knot at Oseh Shalom Synagogue in Maryland.  The wedding was full of happiness and love.  We are so grateful to be a part of their special day.  Here are just some of our favorites that we had to share.  Congratulations to Rebecca and Todd!  May your futures be filled with everlasting love!